Gearbox Studio provides cost-effective internet presence for individuals and companies needing e-commerce, content management or simple brochureware sites. As a small studio with low overhead, we can give your company enterprise-level functionality using proven, licensed Open Source software customized to your brand- and in a lot less time than you may think. We also handle repair or renewal to your existing site including graphic and code updates. Offline, Gearbox Studio can help with the concept, design, and production in all shapes and sizes of print or collateral.

If you'd like to contract the maintenance of your site let's talk about a schedule or rate that fits your budget and frees up your time.


  • Advertising Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Promotions
  • High-Res Photo Retouching
  • Web Sites
  • Hosting
  • E-mail Blasts
  • Newsletters / Blogs

Demo a CMS

Coming Soon! To help you discover which platform is right for your project, and which control panel you'll feel more comfortable using, we're making Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla! demos available for you to explore:

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